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After Takedown, GameOver Zeus Banking Trojan Returns Again

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A month after the FBI and Europol took down the GameOver Zeus botnet by seizing servers and disrupting the botnet’s operation, security researchers have unearthed a new variant of malware based explicitly on the same Gameover ZeuS that compromised users’ computers and collectively formed a massive botnet. GAMEOVER ZEUS TROJAN The massive botnet, essentially a [...]

Biggest security threats in 2014

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Sophos released its latest Security Threat Report on 10 December 2013, predicting a greater focus from cybercriminals on high quality and convincing phishing and social engineering. Download: Threat Report 2014 The report outlines the significant changes in cyber-criminal behavior over the course of last year and a forecast for their preferred methods of attack in [...]

Trends to Watch in 2014

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Major technology developments over the last year—and a series of revelations about the National Security Agency that shook the international security community—made 2013 an interesting year for trend watchers. In highlighting the past year’s security events, we’ve considered some emerging trends we are likely to see in the coming year. 1. Attacks on corporate and [...]