New Banking Malware with Network Sniffer Spreading Rapidly Worldwide


With online banking becoming routine for most users, it comes as no surprise that we are seeing more banking malware enter the threat landscape. In fact, 2013 saw almost a million new banking malware variants—double the volume of the previous year. The rise of banking malware continued into this year, with new malware and even new techniques.

Just weeks after we came across banking malware that abuses a Window security feature, we have also spotted yet another banking malware. What makes this malware, detected as EMOTET, highly notable is that it “sniffs” network activity to steal information.

The Spam Connection

EMOTET variants arrive via spammed messages. These messages often deal with bank transfers and shipping invoices. Users who receive these emails might be persuaded to click the provided links, considering that the emails refer to financial transactions.

Figure 1. Sample spammed message

Figure 2. Sample spammed message

The provided links ultimately lead to the downloading of EMOTET variants into the system. Read more

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