After Takedown, GameOver Zeus Banking Trojan Returns Again

A month after the FBI and Europol took down the GameOver Zeus botnet by seizing servers and disrupting the botnet’s operation, security researchers have unearthed a new variant of malware based explicitly on the same Gameover ZeuS that compromised users’ computers and collectively formed a massive botnet.
The massive botnet, essentially a collection of zombie computers, specifically was designed to steal banking passwords with the capability to perform Denial of Service (DoS) attacks on banks and other financial institutions in order to deny legitimate users access to the site, so that the thefts kept hidden from the users.
As a result of it, Gameover ZeuS’ developers have stolen more than $100 million from banks, businesses and consumers worldwide.
On Thursday, security researchers at the security firm Malcovery came across a series of new spam campaigns that were distributing a piece of malware based on the Gameover Zeus code which is being distributed as an attachment to spam emails, masquerading as legitimate emails from financial institutions, including M&T Bank and NatWest. Read more
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