REACTTM or Realtime Event and Access Correlation Technology is a unified security platform that leverages the cooperative functionality of key toolsets and/or deployed solutions. It creates a unique holistic approach to security management and asset protection by broadening the reach and scope of enterprise monitoring, strengthening access authentication and centralizing control.

As part of the Unified Security (UniSec) category, REACTTM enhances and promotes 360o enterprise visibility into an enterprise to see who is doing what, when and where to any part of the monitored IT landscape. The key is that the data is continuously monitored and correlates in real time. This allows for a higher, more responsive degree of proactivity through security administration and faster reactivity to any actionable event.

And as a comprehensive forensic analytic, REACTTM is not a collection of individual solutions and functions, but an interpolation of all the data across the enterprise to gain a truly holistic security vantage point.

REACTTM reflects SingleSource from Bohn is the most comprehensive, scalable cloud-based security platform in the industry. Backed by the best available SLA, SingleSource provides an integrated, modular platform for Web SSO (access management single sign on for web applications), SaaS SSO (software as a service single sign on), Identity Management, SIEM (security information and event management) and Log Management.  This suite of products addresses many governmental and industry-specific compliance requirements.

Designed from ground up as a multi-tenant system for the cloud, SingleSource provides a user-configurable portal that allows both end users and administrators to easily access their applications and management console respectively.  Each user will get access to the applications based on enterprise business rules and assigned roles.

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Every component of the REACTTM platform provides enterprise class capabilities and features that are designed to address the most demanding and challenging requirements. Whether you are considering a public cloud, a private cloud or a hybrid model, our single sourced deployment provides peace of mind by delivering real-time monitoring and management for identities and access control as well as systems and devices. Its modular design allows you to choose the services that you need today and instantaneously add other services as needed.