Enterprise Solutions

Application Development

The internet has made the world a smaller place. If your organization is not using its website wisely you stand a chance to loose potential business. Websites are no longer just an online broche, web pages are now unilateral marketing and sales tool building a community focusing on your target market, enabling the organization whether government or private company to maximize its true business potential.

With our extensive research we have built numerous e-commerce websites and we have been focusing on government e-solutions to improve service and service delivery.

  • Document Management Systems
  • Website and Intranet
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Banking Solutions
  • e-Commerce Solutions
  • Payment Solutions
  • ERP Solutions

Security solutions

We have identified a niche in our market, in developing, projects managing and implementations of document management, which are connected to the organizations intranet. With the deployment of a proper workflow process monitoring KPA’s and KRA’s of employees and senior management this largely will contribute to increased productivity, delivery of services and reduction of costs for any organization.

We have a database of resources we have deployed in various projects in the continent specializing in the ICT sector providing complete solutions for our clients services.

We provide resources in the following fields:

  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft

These resources are in:

  • Consulting
  • Software/Application Development
  • Security

ICT Strategy and consulting

Take advantage of our experience and our sector knowledge and that same time set new standards of your business. Our consultants identify opportunities for you with their closeness to both market and customer, together with innovative thinking and pragmatism.

  • IT audit and report
  • Networking solutions
  • Communication networks
  • ICT Security systems design and implementation
  • Data Recovery Plan
  • ICT cost reduction plans
  • e-Commerce

Risk Analysis and consulting

Risk analysis offers our clients a conclusive risk assessment. This includes the identification and prioritization of enterprise-wide risks and organization’s risk capabilities, we further aid in the design of tools, processes and organizational structures needed to build a sustainable risk management programme.

  • Assessment of business demographics
  • Full audit report

Project Management

We comprise of a world-class team of professionals that undertake each project to success. Bohn design and implementation process of its project management system delivered the world cup for Tshwane with resounding success. Our services include :

  • Project design and reporting
  • On time processes management
  • Cost reduction systems
  • Software development
  • Financial applications
  • Implementation and management of project through to hand over stage.